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Cartridge Box Sling

Canteen Sling

Canteen Refinishing Kit

Enfield Rifle Slings

Springfield Rifle & Musket Slings

SLG007 SLG001 SLG002 SLG003 SLG004
Cartridge Box Sling Canteen Sling Canteen Refinishing Kit 19th Century Friction Slings (Enfield Rifle) Springfield Rifle Slings

SLG005 SLG006 SLG018 SLG017 SLG008
Sharps 3-Band Rifle Sling Henry Rifle Sling Henry Sling - Type 2 Enfield Buckle Sling Spade Sling

Felling Axe Sling

SLG009 SLG011 SLG010 SLG012 SLG019
Pioneer Pick Axe Sling Pioneer Felling Axe Sling Hatchet Sling Flag Carrier Civil War Period Drum Sling ca. 1862

White Buff Baldric

Cavalry Sword Knot
SLG013 SLG014 SLG016
Sword Baldric Bedroll Sling Cavalry Sword Knot
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