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Cartridge Box
  1. The description of the Pattern 1861 rifle-musket cartridge box is found on page 227 of the 1861 Ordnance Manual…

    “Cartridge-Box…for .58-in. ball, (black bridle-leather,) inner cover, (light upper leather,) with end pieces sewed to it, to cover the ends of the box; flap, with a button-hole strap sewed near the bottom; brass button, riveted to the bottom of the box; implement pocket, (light upper-leather,) sewed to the front of the box with a belt to pass through; 2 upright loops for the waist-belt to pass through, sewed, and riveted with 1 copper rivet No. 8 at each end; 2 roller buckles No. 9 (japanned black,) for the shoulder belt, sewed to the bottom of the box; 2 tins, each with 1 lower division, open in the front, to contain 1 bundle of 10 cartridges, and 2 upper divisions, one to contain 6 and the other 4 cartridges. The edge of the tin are turned over and soldered down to prevent them from cutting the cartridges. All the tin linings should be made to slide freely in the box.”

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